HSK 6, Chinese proficiency exam

In order to take courses at Chinese university, one must pass HSK 6 Chinese proficiency exam, so far everything is fairly easy, except 语病 section. I cannot figure out if it is asking just simple grammatical error or error in sentence expression? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Record beautiful MP3 from youtube

Have you ever find great youtube video but only need the sound file. Often you will need a 3rd party software to extract this. Peggopeggo allow you to simply record within the site. You can record the entire video or shorten it anyway you would like. Note: Currently it is limit to just youtube videos.

Google Education Classroom App

Finally I took sometime tonight to set this up. The process is fairly simple, however, you must have your own domain to make this work. In my case, I had jannachiang.com for few years now. I used Go Daddy as my domain provider, and route through wordpress to domain map my site (this part is not free). However, once you have your own domain set up, google education classroom is very easy to use and create. For my first one, I will be testing it out with the latest PD that I will present in couple weeks, will update later. 🙂

Google Education App