Google Education Classroom App

Finally I took sometime tonight to set this up. The process is fairly simple, however, you must have your own domain to make this work. In my case, I had for few years now. I used Go Daddy as my domain provider, and route through wordpress to domain map my site (this part is not free). However, once you have your own domain set up, google education classroom is very easy to use and create. For my first one, I will be testing it out with the latest PD that I will present in couple weeks, will update later. 🙂

Google Education App

What can the American and British education systems learn from classrooms in the developing world?

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A group of students in Karakati, India, research the answer to a big question at one location of Sugata Mitra's School in the Cloud. According to Mitra and Adam Braun, there's a lot that Western schools can learn about education from students in India. Students in Phaltan, India, research the answer to a big question at one of Sugata Mitra’s School in the Cloud labs. According to Mitra and his Microsoft Work Wonders Project partner, Adam Braun, there’s quite a bit that Western schools can learn from classrooms in the developing world.

Adam Braun went to school in the US and now runs a nonprofit that builds schools in Ghana, Laos, Nicaragua and Guatemala. In contrast, Sugata Mitra—the winner of the 2013 TED Prize—went to school in India and now is a professor in the UK, where his research on self-directed learning routinely brings him into elementary schools. Both of these education activists have seen how typical classrooms function in the Western world, and both have seen how typical classrooms function in the developing world. And both say, the West isn’t always better.

Braun and Mitra have teamed up through Microsoft’s Work Wonders Project to…

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